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Transita books reflect the lives of mature women. Contemporary women with rich and interesting stories to tell, stories that explore the truths and desires that colour their lives.

Until now there hasn’t been an identifiable body of fiction that mirrors the experiences of today’s 45+ woman – and yet we make up almost 40% of the female population in the UK. Now Transita will be tapping into a whole new world of fiction, publishing transformational stories that mirror the lives of women our age.

The majority of women’s fiction is published for twenty and thirty year olds. Those are our kids! As much as we love them we don’t always want to be reading about them. We spend enough years living our lives through theirs as it is! We want to read about women of our own age.

There’ll be something for everyone, and for every occasion and mood. The books can be as varied as women themselves are at this time of life. Some will make you laugh, some will make you cry – but they all have one thing in common: they’re written especially with you in mind.

Transita Founders : Nikki Read and Giles Lewis

Yes - there are individual authors who cater for our needs, and they’re wonderful. Writers like Joanna Trollope, Elizabeth Buchan, Anita Shreve and others. But as well as giving our readers more choice in what they want to read, transita’s aim also is to enable more new writers to have their voices heard – because they echo our own. They’ll give us characters that relate to our lives and needs, and with whom we can empathise.

It makes sense to us that if you allow mature women to write about what they want to write about, they’ll write what we want to read.

As one author said, ‘My publisher wants me to write about 20 or 30 somethings. I’m 57, I can’t get inside the head of a 27 year old any more’.

Our website will provide a forum for you to talk to other women about issues that interest or concern you. You’ll be able to catch up with new and old friends wherever you are and at any time. So if you’re busy running the business you started when the kids left home; or you’ve moved house and no longer have the school network to kick start your social life; or you just want to chat over a cup of coffee and everyone’s out - click onto the transita community where there’ll be somebody to talk to, and certainly someone to listen.

As well as publishing the work of established authors it is part of Transita's mission to discover new talent so if you are interested in writing for Transita please do get in touch with us.

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